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"My treatment at ACCS allowed me a safe and supportive space to get real with myself and examine several areas of my life that needed changing. My counselor at ACCS taught me the importance of being accountable to myself. Something I frequently heard during treatment was, 'Who do you want to be at the end of the day?' Now, even four years later, it is something I ask myself when I make decisions... That's just a small yet profound example of the lifegiving tools that I learned while in treatment at ACCS. Another amazing aspect of my time at ACCS was that my counselor fostered my spiritual growth in a deep and meaningful way. Spirituality and substance abuse are extremely core and private sectors of people's lives. The team at ACCS made it possible for me get well in every aspect of my life by providing quality treatment and a perfect atmosphere for permanent change. I didn't always enjoy my time in treatment, but I didn't like my life as a drunk either. Now I am in love with my life and I owe a big portion of that to my counselor at ACCS."  -Jessica R.

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